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Admission policy formulated by Federal Directorate of Education and approved by Ministry of Education will be applicable to all Federal Colleges/ Federal Government Higher Secondary Schools and Islamabad Model Colleges ( male/female) functioning under the administration of Federal Directorate of Education


Daughters of the following categories will be eligible for admission to all seats except seats reserved for FATA/FANA (Domicile)

  • Federal Government employees residing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • Residents of Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Diplomats stationed at Islamabad

A candidate who has passed her last examination from an institution not located in Islamabad and Federal Area shall produce residence certificate from Estate Office /CDA or any other valid legal document in support of her claim
Admission to class XI and XIII will be determined on merit as per allocation of seats given here under:



  1. Open Merit 90%
  2. FATA/FANA 03%
  3. The Disabled Quota 02%
  4. Sports 05%
  5. Real sons/daughters of teachers 01% seats in every institution in the order of merit amongst /employees of education institution themselves(over and above the of the setup concerned afore-mentioned quota) vi. Transfer Cases 02%(over and above the above mentioned quota)

Minimum Marks For Each Discipline For Admission in Class XI

  1. Pre Engineering 65%
  2. Pre Medical 65%
  3. General Science 60%
  4. Humanities 45%

This bottom line of marks may be reviewed if sufficient applications have not been received in a particular group, subject to prior approval of Director General, Federal Directorate of Education



  1. Bonafide students of the Institutions: 54%
  2. Open Merit 36%
  3. FATA/FANA 03%
  4. Sports 05%
  5. The Disabled Quota 02%
  6. Real sons/daughters of teachers 01% seats in every institution /employees of education institution of the concerned setup in the order of merit amongst themselves (over and above the afore-mentioned quota)
  7. Transfer Cases 02% (over and above the above mentioned quota)

Minimum marks for each Discipline for Class XIII

  1. B.A 45%
  2. B.Sc 55%

This bottom line of marks may be revised if sufficient candidates have not applied, subject to prior approval of DG,FDE. Admission will be finalized after interview/ verification of original documents, dates of which will be announced by the respective institutions.


  1. A candidate domiciled in FATA/FANA will not contest a seat reserved against the allocated quota if she has qualified SSC /HSSC from any institution outside the territorial jurisdiction of FATA/FANA. However, after admission process has been completed, in case there are any vacant seats under this category, admission may be granted to applicants with FATA /FANA domicile.
  2. Top three position holders from any board will be eligible for admission to all levels i.e. F.A/F.Sc, B.A/B.Sc and M.A/M.Sc in their respective disciplines, regardless of the basic eligibility criteria, i.e. proof of residence.
  3. Students seeking admission against sports quota should have participated in sports activities at the Board level. They will submit, along with the application form, an authenticated certificate issued from the relevant Board certifying their claim. Merit within Sports Quota will be determined after addition of points obtained, as per following criteria to the total marks obtained by the applicant in the respective examination
    S.# Criteria                                                                                   Points
    01. Ist Prize / Champion in an individual/team event at Board Level     10
    02. 2nd Prize /Runner up in an individual team event at Board Level     07
    03. 3rd Prize /Runner up in an individual / team event at Board Level   05
    04. Participation in an individual /team even at Board Level                  03
    05. Representation at National Level as a team member or in an 10 individual event at Board level
  4. If any seat(s) against any quota are not fully utilized due to non-availability of eligible candidates, the same will stand transferred to the Open Merit quota. However, proper documentation of transfer of each seat for verification, initially, by the Director concerned, to be consented finally, by the Director General.
  5. Students of Higher Secondary Schools(Girls) will be considered as own students in F.G Colleges (Female) for admission in B.A/B.Sc Part-1
  6. No casual admission will be made.
  7. Admissions shall be made only once in an academic yearon dates fixed by the college/FDE after the declaration of results by the Examination Boards.
  8. Students placed in compartment in SSC/HSSC examination will compete for admission after clearing the subject(s) in the same year, within the prescribed time limit fixed by the Board/University, subject to availability of seats in the institutions, or next year as fresh candidates.
  9. Candidates who seek admission after a gap of one or more years may be considered for admission. However, they will have to submit an affidavit of good conduct duly verified by the Head of the Institution last attended. Reason of the gap should also be clearly stated in the affidavit. Merit of such candidates will be determined after deducting five marks for each year of the gap from the total marks obtained by them.
  10. The number of seats will be determined by the institution will be determined in each faculty after careful consideration of physical facilities and the number of teachers available. However, the numbers will be finalized by the Federal Directorate in consultation with Heads of Institutions before the commencement of the academic session.
  11. Students who have passed Cambridge, GCE/O-Level/ A-Level examination/ Diploma from Polytechnic will be eligible for admission, along with other candidates. Their merit will be determined on the percentage of marks obtained in their respective examinations and equivalence shall be determined by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad/University of the Punjab, whichever is applicable. A certificate to this effect is a pre-requisite for admission at the level concerned.
  12. All foreign students are required to route their application for admission through the Ministry of Education
  13. Migration cases eligible for admission as per policy will be entertained by institutions where seats are available, provided that the merit in the desired discipline of the institution is not compromised. No local migration will be allowed. However, the relaxation in rules may be permitted by the competent authority i.e DG, FDE, keeping in view genuine hardship case to case basis.
  14. Twenty (20) marks will be added to the merit of Hafiz-e-Quran for admission at all levels, provided the candidate produces a certificate of successful completion of the course from a registered /recognized institution.
  15. Notice for calling the applications for admission would be advertised by the Federal Directorate of Education Islamabad.
  16. Every successful applicant will submit an affidavit on legal stamp paper solemnly assuring the Principal that she will refrain from participating in politics or in any subversive activity during the time she is on the college rolls. Her parent/guardian will endorse this undertaking and further undertake that her ward would be liable for removal from the college rolls if she participates in politics or does not abide by the rules of the college.
  17. In case any person other than the father/mother of the candidate is declared guardian, a proper affidavit/Guardianship certificate will have to be submitted. Guardianship, other than real grandparents, elder brother/sister and maternal/paternal uncles shall not be accepted.
  18. Students are expected to exercise their choice of subjects carefully with due consideration. Change will not ordinarily be allowed to the option once exercised. However in cases of extreme hardship, vacancies permitting, change of subjects may be allowed within maximum of two weeks after commencement of classes. The change, of course, will be on the condition that a candidate admitted in group of lower merit does not opt for a group of higher merit.
  19. The last date for admission fixed by the Federal Directorate of Education shall be strictly adhered to. In case Principals are in need of filling the vacant seats after the expiry of the stipulated admission date, they will seek formal permission from the Federal Directorate of Education.
  20. Attendance criteria prescribed by the Federal Board and Punjab University will be strictly adhered to. Principals will ensure that transparent, regular and unambiguous record of daily attendance is maintained at all times, on accountable roll call registers.