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In case of emergency students are allowed to avail only two leaves in a month.

  • Students who have already availed two days leave and then absent themselves from any class/lectures or practical will be fined Rs.2/-per period
  • Special fine will be imposed by the College Administrations on students absenting themselves from the College Examinations
  • Fine of Rs.50/-per day will be imposed on students who come to the College and do not attend the classes
  • Fine of Rs.10/-shall be imposed for each violation of uniform specifications
  • Special fines may be imposed on continuous absence from College/Classes without information, absence from College Functions, irregularity, dereliction or breach of discipline
Leave applications will be received on the prescribed proforma, booklet which will be available on payment from the College Office. The leave proforma should be countersigned by the Parent/Guardian and channelized through the Incharge Mrs. Samina Ashraf