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In order to ensure decorum, discipline and sobriety amongst the students, it is compulsory for them to

  1. Attend the College in complete uniform
  2. Attend the Morning Assembly at 8.10a.m.daily
  3. Be on time in their classes
  4. Attend and participate in co-curricular activities arranged in the College
  5. Adhere strictly to the schedule notified by the College Administration regarding bus trips/bus timings. (They must board Margala buses in a disciplined manner)
  6. Appear in the Board/University as well as the College Examination in full uniform
  7. Keep the College Identity Card, Library Card, Bus Card (those who avail bus facility)
  8. Note that the College telephone facility is not available for the students
  9. Leave the College at the prescribed time only and not before it
  10. Be polite, respectful and deferential towards all the members of the teaching/non-teaching staff and use civilized language among themselves

All Students of the College are forbidden to:

  • Enter the College Office, Administration Block, Accounts Section, Examination Room and Staff Rooms without permission of the Principal
  • Use violence, threat of violence or pressure for settlement of differences/disputes with their fellow students and indulge in agitation and factional activities
  • Indulge in the use of unfair means and malpractices in the Board/University as well as the College Examination
  • Bring any unauthorized persons (imposters, friends or relatives)
  • Bring into the campus, consume or arrange the use of drugs, narcotics, cigarettes, etc.
  • Damage and disfigure College property including building, furniture , equipment and vehicles and write remarks/slogans, paste posters on the College walls/notice board, exhibit or distribute leaflets, pamphlets in the College
  • Wander aimlessly and indulge in other unbecoming activities around shopping centers in the vicinity of the College while in college uniform
  • Bring valuables to the College (In case of loss the College shall not be responsible)
  • Arrange birthday parties and exchange gifts
  • Bring fancy bags, novels, card- games, magazines, photo-albums, and birthday cards, as they will be confiscated
  • Bring Mobile/Cell phones in College, as they will be confiscated