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In order to ascertain the academic progress of the students, they are examined regularly during their two years Higher Secondary School, Graduate and Post Graduate courses respectively. To ensure satisfactory involvement of students in studies, the following internal evaluation system is evolved:

  • Periodical Tests are arranged by the College
  • Send-up Examination is held prior to forwarding admission forms to Board/University
  • Pre-Board/Pre-University Examination held prior to the Annual Examination
  • It is compulsory for all students to take these examinations on the basis of which their names are sent for Board/University Examination and outstanding students are awarded prizes provided they fulfil the requisite criteria


University of Punjab has evolved a detailed methodology for assessment of students in which mid tests, attendance, tutorials, assignments, seminars, workshops and lab work will be graded for send up and final exams

  • Mid Term Test:

    Mid term test will be conducted before the winter break. The test will be compulsory and composite and will carry 20% marks for the purpose of internal assessment. The marks will be conveyed to the students, concerned teachers and parents

  • Send up Test:

    This test will be held by mid February and will carry 40% marks in the internal assessment

  • Attendance:

    The students having attendance above the required 75% will be granted up to 10 marks as under:

    95% - 100%10 marks
    90% - 94%8 marks
    85% - 89%6marks
    80% - 84%4 marks
    75% - 79%2 marks
  • Assignment/ Seminar/ Lab work:

    The student will be evaluated on the basis of their performance in assignments/seminars/lab work and 15 marks will be awarded to the students for this work

  • Tutorial/Group Projects:

    The students will be made to participate in tutorial and group projects/discussions and upto 15 marks will be awarded to the students for their performance in this activity