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Physical Facilities


  • The College Library is stocked with an adequate number of books which cater to the requirements of teachers/students, up to Post Graduate level, in the disciplines of Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences
  • The Reading Rooms subscribe to Magazines/Periodicals published in Pakistan as well as in foreign countries. Newspapers of repute in English/Urdu are also available for the students
  • The library is well equipped with the latest audio-visual aids and is currently being computerized
  • Library Books are divided into the following four categories
    1. Reference Books (non-issuable)
    2. Periodicals
    3. General Books
    4. Text Books
  • Members of the Library Committee assist/guide the students in the selection of books, use of reference books/encyclopedias/dictionaries and encourage /inculcate reading habits
  • The Reading Rooms provide a congenial atmosphere for individual study

Rules for Borrowing Books

  • Reference Books/Periodicals shall not be issued to the students but will be available to them in the library
  • General Books shall be lent for a period of 7 days only
  • Text Books will be loaned for a period of one month with the permission/approval of the Incharge
  • Borrowers and readers must inspect the books at the time of issuance; in case of any defect/damage they should call the attention of the librarian to the fact
  • Borrowers who keep the books after the expiry date will be fined Rs. 1.00 per day
  • If a borrower loses/damages/mutilates a borrowed book she will have to replace the book


  • A Book Bank scheme has been functioning in the College since its inception. Under this scheme, text books are issued for a period of one year. On the expiry of the specified period, the books must be returned to the Incharge


  • The College has well equipped science labs. A new block has been added for Biological Sciences, which has latest scientific equipments alongwith sophisticated teaching aids
  • Mass Communication Department can boast of state of the art media labs


  • There is a First Aid Room, adequately equipped to impart First Aid/Medical Treatment in case of minor injuries/ailments


  • The College has six buses, a coaster and 2 vans at its disposal. The buses ply on different routes of Islamabad. Bonafide students of the College, residing in Islamabad and desirous of availing this facility may apply for the same on the prescribed bus forms. The applicants, fulfilling the requisite criteria, will be granted the above facility, subject to the availability of seats. Students availing the bus facility must carry their bus passes while traveling by the College bus
  • To extend the bus facility to a maximum number of students the bus routes are determined by the Incharge of the Bus Committee, Ms Afifa Amir. It is binding on the students to comply with the directions issued by the Incharge from time to time
  • In case of technical fault of transport, the students availing bus facility will have to make their own arrangement and the College shall not be responsible
  • Bus timings/routes/trips are determined by the College administration. Adherence to bus schedule is compulsory for students availing College transport