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M.A Mass Communication course comprises two parts and covers two years. A University Examination is held at the end of each academic year. The Degree is awarded after the successful completion of the course. Only those students are eligible to appear in the University Examination who fulfil the requisite criteria for attendance and duly qualify Periodical Tests and Internal Examination.

Paper-I Language and Communication 50
Paper-II New Techniques and Traditions(English/Urdu) 100
Paper-III Designing of News Pages (English/Urdu) 100
Paper-IV Media History 100
Paper-V National and International Affairs 100
Paper-VI Communication-I 50
Paper-VII Editorial, Features and Column Writing 50
Paper-VIII Communication –II 50
Paper-IX Development Support Communication 100
Paper-X Public Relations 100
Paper-XI Electronic Journalism 50
Paper-XII Thesis or two optional courses 100
Paper-XIII Internship and Writings 50