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Bachelor Of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Pass Course) covers a period of two years, at the end of which the University examination is held and a degree awarded to successful candidates. This course comprises three compulsory, two elective and one optional subject according to the following scheme.

  1. English (Compulsory) 2 Papers 200 Marks
  2. Islamic Education (Compulsory)/Ethics ( for Non- Muslim students) 1 Paper 60 Marks
  3. Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 1 Paper 40 Marks
  4. Two Elective Subjects 2 Papers for each Subject 400 Marks
  5. Optional Subject 1 Paper 100 Marks
  6. Total: 800 Marks


Select one of the following Combinations. This selection should be made very carefully as no change will be allowed after admission, except in extreme hardship cases

  1. History Islamic Studies
  2. History Political Science
  3. Fine Arts English Literature
  4. Islamic Studies Education
  5. Political Science Education
  6. (a) Journalism English Literature
  7. (b) Journalism Urdu Literature
  8. Journalism Political Science
  9. Journalism Applied Psychology
  10. Education Applied Psychology
  11. Islamic Studies Urdu Literature
  12. Economics Journalism
  13. Economics Statistics
  14. Economics Mathematics
  15. Health& Physical Education Islamic Studies
  16. Health & Physical Education Political Science
  17. Health & Physical Education Sociology
  18. Health & Physical Education Journalism
  19. Sociology Journalism
  20. History Journalism
  21. Fine Arts Sociology
  22. Islamic Studies Arabic Literature
  23. Political Science English Literature
  24. Political Science Persian Literature
  25. Political Science Urdu Literature
  26. Political Science Sociology
  27. History Geography
  28. Essentials of Home Economics Sociology
  29. Essentials of Home Economics Fine Arts

Optional Subject

Any one of the following subjects can be selected as optional:-

  • Urdu
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Geography
  1. Students who select Economics as elective subject are required to go through the Mathematics course of Intermediate level on their own , in order to prepare themselves for coping with the great Mathematical bias of the subject (Economics) at Degree level
  2. Mathematics A,B as an elective subject will be offered only to those students who have obtained at least 65% marks in Mathematics at HSSC level
  3. English literature and Fine Arts will be allowed to those students only who pass the aptitude test for these subjects. This test will be held within 10 days of the commencement of the classes
  4. Subjects selected as elective cannot be taken as optional also
  5. If the number of students opting for a certain subject combination is less than ten, it shall be offered only at the discretion of Principal
  6. Only the student securing 50% marks in Maths or Stats in HSSC II will be allowed to offer Stats as an elective subject in B.A/B.Sc
  7. The student who secures 1st division in B.A Examination of Punjab University, with Urdu Literature as an elective subject, will be granted the AZRA RAZA cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-